Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Last Night on the River!

We got an early start this morning, getting underway at 6:45. Today was mostly overcast, but warm. It got up to the high 70's. We had one more lift bridge to go under, which was a surprise to me, I thought we were done! But it was no big deal. So we just motored and motored. We quit at mile 66, after eleven hours and 73 miles. We're at a very nice marina and we're just tired. We only have a little over 40 miles to go tomorrow and the weather is looking good for the time we will be in the water.


Pulling gravel from the river bottom
Two of the three instruments we watch all the time. The wind instrument, is mainly useful whe sailing. The depth and speed are crucial.
The other instrument we watch (our guide) is the gps.
Cool bluff
houses and a pretend lighthouse on a bluff
Bridge to nowhere

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  1. Woo Hoo! Forty to go and finished. The fun has just begun! The Quilty Pleasure is almost at her new home. And two tough sailors deserve some shore leave! This has been a lot of fun to follow your adventure!