Sunday, April 7, 2013

Among the Living

It's 10:30 and we've been under way since 8:00. We cleared our sixth lock around 9:30 which is really when today's journey begins. I am feeling better, that is functional. I was NOT functional yesterday! in addition to everything else yesterday, we had some drama at the end of the day. We had planned on mooring at a marina just below Wilson Lock, the one we cleared this morning, and the time frame was a bit iffy, looking like we wouldn't get there until after 6:00. But we couldn't get through the lock! It was malfunctioning and there were a couple of barges ahead of us. So we started looking for an anchorage. We tried the side of the river we were on with no luck and then went across the river looking. A lot of inlets but all built up. We asked a couple on a fishing boat and they said there was a small marina in the inlet just around the corner. So we headed that way, but there were power lines in the way and we didn't want to risk going under. There was a gentleman grilling on his dock. So we hailed him and asked if we could tie up there for the night and he agreed. Finally! A small, hasty dinner and then to bed. NyQuil!

More later...

OK, it' later. Yesterday was a 61 mile day, starting at mile 321 and we ended up at mile 260.
Tonight we are at Grand Harbor Marina in Mississippi at mile 215. So we covered 45 miles today. And is this place grand! A big full service marina with condominiums and lots of other stuff.

I felt OK (sort of) this morning, but deteriorated during the day, but still never as bad as yesterday. Another sunny day with temps in the mid 70's, but windy. We arrived here a little after 4:00 and took an hour to refuel, pump out, load water and ice. We have a 20 gallon fuel tank and have not yet put in more than six gallons. That has worked out to an amazing 30 miles a gallon! We have plenty of fuel for the rest of the trip.

We both took showers then used the courtesy van to stop at a grocery store and get dinner at a restaurant. We both ordered burgers, and neither of us could even eat half. They were huge!
Back to the marina. Michael is doing some laundry. I'm going to finish this and get to bed!

Photos. (no map today, sorry...don't have the energy)
Our mooring at the good Samaritan's house.
Wilson lock - a 90 foot drop.
Going under another bridge.
Grand Harbor Marina
The Broken Spoke.
How much of my dinner I didn't eat.


  1. Good news to hear. Underway and functional. Worthy accomplishments!


  2. Good news! Drugs can be can be a guy grilling on his dock! I sure hope that health, weather, and obstacles all cooperate for the rest of the trip!!

  3. Wow! You sailors are flying! There you are at the corner of Mississippi, Alabama, and TN! The biggest part of the trip is behind you. Despite all the health and boat hassles, you have continued to make great progress. A definite sign of a skill, determination, and teamwork! Good job!

    Your photos still add so much to your blog! It is interesting to see what you are experiencing. And, your Blog Titles have also been well chosen. "Among the Living" was a good one to read. Almost as good as "Joy and Despair...And Joy Again!" You're helping us feel your emotion.