Saturday, April 6, 2013

Half Way and Michael to the Rescue

I have had bad colds before, but none worse than this. I have only driven occasionally today, Michael has stepped up and driven for hours. I'm just suffering. If this doesn't break tomorrow, I don't what I'll do.

We went through a lock and under another railway lift bridge. We got underway at 7:15 at mile marker 321. We're tied up at somebody's house of the night.

I fill in later.

No photos.


  1. Oh sorry about your cold! I hope that maybe you can get to an urgent care place. Can u just stay put for another day??

  2. Yes, take Carol's suggestion to heart if you are not finding some improvement today. The weather map for your area still shows some sun and spring-like temps. The map I looked at also makes it appear the river is widening like it was around Watts Bar Lake. Maybe if you could "sail" the boat, you would feel like sailors again, not diesel roustabouts. But the most important is treat your health wisely and make the best decisions to start feeling better.